Electric hoist (upto 10 Ton)

‘CEW’ hoist are ideal for small industries and are most reliable, economical, simple for maintenance, low cost and down time.

All frame steel fabricated machined and bolted type. The gear box is loaded on one did of the frame.

Drum wire rope drum is fabricated from seamless pipe and machine cut spiral grooves. The drum shaft supported ball bearings

Wire rope ‘Usha Martin’ makes 6 x 36 steel core constructions from special plough hemp core flexible steel wire.

Rope guide completely encircling the drum is to hold the rope in its groove at all the times and providing for rope in drum groove.

Gear boxes alloy steel hobbed teeth helical spur gears with solid pinions all duly treated.

Motors are totally enclosed, fan cooled induction motors with high starting torque crane duty 415 v, 3 phase motors.

Brakes for all the drives AC electro-hydraulic thruster brakes / electro-magnetic disc / shoe type brakes according to application and clients requirements.

Hooks are shank type supported on anti-friction thrust bearing and the M.S. pulley.

Control panel: The hoist can be controlled by pendant / radio remote and combination of these. The components are enclosure in sheet metal box. Standard contractors, over load relays, fuses, timers, transformers etc

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